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Vision & Values for South Dakota

I am a lifelong rural South Dakotan, and I have served my legislative district and South Dakota the past 22 years in both the House of Representatives and Senate, focusing on protecting the rights of the unborn, defending our Second Amendment rights, and promoting fiscally conservative policy. With 12 years of service on the Appropriations Committee, I have extensive conservative budgeting experience. My past leadership positions in the Legislature include 6 years on the Executive Board; 4 years as the Senate President Pro Tempore; and nine chairman- and vice-chairmanships. My Legislative experiences have allowed me to work with people from all walks of life and gain a well-rounded perspective.

Vision, Issues, & Values

As your next Commissioner of School and Public Lands, I commit to carrying on the tradition of superior, efficient, and effective management of school and endowment lands and dams under the purview of the office. Additionally, a very important duty of the Commissioner is to serve on the SD Investment Council. South Dakota has a strong tradition of outperforming their peer universe, and I will support the Council’s proven contrarian approach that has led to remarkable success and hundreds of millions of dollars in gains that other states have failed to capture.
One of my goals as Commissioner of SPL is to continue to garner a sustainable and positive economic impact to our great state. Ultimately, my priorities as Commissioner are as follows:
  • Return maximum investment dollars to the K-12 and Higher Education systems
  • Ensure responsible utilization of grazing, mineral, gas, and other land leases
  • Prioritize optimal stewardship of the public lands and dams

I truly have been blessed by the opportunity to work for the people as a lawmaker for the past 22 years!  In that time, I believe I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge, and I have developed important relationships with people from all walks of life that I will be able to draw from to be an effective Commissioner of School and Public lands and, ultimately, an asset to you and to our future generations.

The Leadership South Dakota Needs

“We would truly appreciate your vote in the upcoming election, and we thank everybody who has already contributed their time, talents, treasure—and most importantly their prayers—to our campaign!”

—Brock and Kelli

About Brock

Brock was born when his parents lived in Willow Lake. They moved to Hoven and later to Doland, where Brock graduated in 1994. He earned his Bachelor of Science from Northern State University in Aberdeen with majors in Marketing and Business Management and a minor Economics. While in college, Brock played baseball for one year, participated in oral interpretation for one year, worked as a resident assistant for three years, and served as a member of the Student Association three years–two years as Student Senator and one year as Student Body President. Additionally, he worked for NSU’s facilities for two years at the Barnett Center and the NSU Heating Plant. He graduated magna cum laude and DEBT-FREE.

After graduating, Brock moved to Clark “temporarily” where he worked for his parents at their convenience store. Shortly thereafter, he was asked to manage and run all operations at the Pheasant Motel right across the highway from the c-store. He maintained both jobs for the next two years. During that time, Brock was approached by Dean Anderson who was a former legislator, executive director of SD’s ASCS (now FSA) Office, and SD Secretary of Agriculture. Dean asked Brock to run for the SD Senate. After visiting with his family and praying about it, Brock embarked on what proved to be a successful campaign. To this day, he holds the distinction of being the youngest Senator ever elected in South Dakota’s history. He has served as a legislator for the past 22 years.

Additionally, Brock has worked at his family’s businesses since 1992.  These include their convenience store, fireworks store, greenhouse—all in Clark—and their restaurant in Doland.  Since 2001, he has substitute taught in five area schools and has coached baseball in Clark.  He has also driven bus since 2004.

Brock was united in marriage to Kelli in 2020. Kelli has been a nurse and a nurse practitioner working in cardiac care for the Rapid City Regional/Monument Health system since 2003.  She hails from Clearfield and graduated from Winner High School in 1999.

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